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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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TXNP Strengthens Texas Communities by providing up-to-date data and other resources and support via the Internet to help build stronger and bigger nonprofits that can perform and operate professionally, efficiently, and with greater accountability; TXNP also strives to facilitate and encourage connections between charitable causes and potential contributors.

TexasNonprofits (TXNP) is a unique Website Portal that gives those interested in philanthropy and nonprofits in Texas a cutting edge insight from national leaders and thinkers while presenting opportunities to network with colleagues, funders and thought leaders. Our Sponsors make it possible for the Nonprofit Community to come together to learn. TXNP seeks to work with leading companies, institutions, and individuals to fulfill our mutual mission to find practical solutions and hear about emerging and successful nonprofit best practices.

We aim to create value for our Sponsors and Partners. We seek to enrich our partners with rich content, branding opportunity and an intellectual leadership network.

* Value for Our Sponsors: Rather than simply communicating our partners’ involvement, we seek to enhance the TXNP visitor experience in ways that uniquely express our partners’ capabilities and brands. This type of connection enriches the experience of our attendees and helps to brand our Partners while making the TXNP experience all the more distinguishing.

* Value for Our Communities: With our Sponsors, we now have the ability to reach and inspire thousands of people, through our Website and E-Newsletter. We seek partnerships that will allow us to reach new audiences and communities in distinctive ways, and to take visionary steps together to further our mission for educating and providing relevent knowledge for Texas Nonprofits.


We are asking you to support our work.

Why? TexasNonProfits has a distinctive focus on the philanthropic community within the State of Texas. We utilize the cost-effective internet to distribute interesting and compelling content that engages and educates our members and readership. Texas NonProfits advances five major initiatives:

1) Promote Linkage:We facilitate interactions within the philanthropic community by connecting donors with nonprofits through our Foundation and Nonprofit directories.

2) Educate and Inform: Our editorials, authored by seasoned national consultants, other nonprofits, and funders, are a solid source of information relating to the field of philanthropy.

3) Mobilize Help: We engage support and recruit volunteers for worthy causes, advertise events, highlight needs and post opportunities.

4) Encourage Transparency: By providing reliable data for grant writers seeking information about funding sources and for funders wishing to connect with causes they find interesting, we promote transparency and credibility in the philanthropic cycle.

5) Promote Happy Endings: We distribute good news! Successes within our community deserve applause, so we post press releases, announce contributions and awards and share countless heartwarming stories of generosity from across the State of Texas.

TexasNonprofits generates its income in 3 ways:

1. We earn approximately one-half of our income through memberships, website development, and hosting websites - all of this earned income goes to support our projects.
2. We receive project funding from a variety of funders such as, the RGK Foundation, the Meadows Foundation, the Sid Richardson Foundation, the Audre and Bernard Rapoport Foundation, the Gilliland Family Foundation, the Myra Stafford Pryor Trust, individuals and others. This income is given to us to carry out specific projects.
3. We get financial support directly from individual contributions.

Ways to support our work:
We hope that you think the work we do is useful and valuable and we hope that you will consider supporting it. This can be done in two ways.

1. Through giving us a direct donation, these are always fully acknowledged and accounted for.
2. Join TexasNonprofits and benefit form our many services.

What do these funds go toward? We fund great writers, researchers, technologists, website and design staff, data entry techs, and administrative support staff. We plan on adding new bells and whistles to the site soon - you will like the options we will present to you.  

Pick out which category you would like to be in:
Sponsor the Giving Around Texas Page = $100.00
Sponsor of the Strong Communities Page = $100.00
Sponsor of the How To Page = $200.00
Sponsor of the Nonprofit Exchange Page = $200.00
Sponsor of the Foundations and Funders Page = $1000.00
Sponsor of the Article Page = $ 500.00
Sponsors of the Press Release Page = $1000.00
Sponsors of the Article Page Page = $1000.00
Sponsors of the Weekly E-Newsletter = $2500.00
Lead Masthead Sponsors of the Jobs Post and Search Pages = $5000.00
Lead Masthead Sponsors of the Weekly E-Newsletter= $10,000
Masthead Sponsor of the entire TXNP website = $25,000.00

First, print the form below, fill it out, and fax back with your credit card information or enclose a check or money orderand mail back to us to support our efforts.


Mail to: TexasNonprofits - P.O. Box 90509 - San Antonio, Texas 78209
Email us:


Organization Name _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________

Phone _____________________________ Fax ______________________________

Email _____________________________ Website_____________________________

Credit Card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa)

Credit Card Number # ___________________________________________________

Expiration Date _________________ Cardholder Name __________________________

3 or 4 -digit Security Code_____________

A gift for.......

This is an honorarium.

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This is a corporate gift.

This is a foundation gift.

In honor of ________________________________________________________

Please notify (address) ______________________________________________

Message __________________________________________________________


Please send me Notification of our Contribution

May we recognize you on the TXNP website as a TXNP Collaborator for Good? We would like to post your name on our website and recognize you in our newsletter.

Please mail to:
TexasNonprofits | P.O. Box 90509  | San Antonio, Texas 78209


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Our high ranking on the web means that many eyes see us and our pages. Created in 1999, the TexasNonprofit's web site is highly respected and frequently visited sites on the Internet today. When you advertise on the TXNP Website or in one of our Weekly E-Newsletters, you can acquire access to the increasingly fast-growing community of professionals working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

Grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, nonprofit executives, consultants, and media refer to not only the TXNP website, but also to our Weekly E-Newsletter, for comprehensive coverage of the people, organizations, and ideas shaping the philanthropic sector. With more than 17,000 subscribers to our e-newsletter and thousands more reading it on the Web, the TXNP E-Newsletter is the best medium to reach this large and influential audience.

Inside our weekly E-Newsletter and on the TXNP Website are listed Job Opportunities, Volunteer throughout Texas.

Ready Ad Rates are for the TXNP Website and the E-Newsletter. Each one is priced seperately. They will be sent by email.

A 300x250 Pixel JPG ad - 1 month for newsletter and/or every page in the website = $250.00
A 300x250 Pixel JPG ad - 2 months for newsletter and/or every page in the website = $450.00
A 300x250 Pixel JPG ad - 3 months for newsletter and/or every page in the website = $650.00
A 300x250 Pixel JPG ad - 6 months for newsletter and/or every page in the website = $1,000.00
A 300x250 Pixel JPG ad - 1 year for newsletter and/or every page in the website = $1,900.00

TXNP has become the place for consultants, software companies, financial and legal firms, Internet designers, direct mail vendors, and other service providers who wish to introduce their products, services, and programs to the thousands of TXNP visitors searching for ways to grow their nonprofit organizations.

If you wish to Advertise with TXNP, you may contact Jackie Beretta:



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