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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Mental Health Headlines: $300,000 awarded to address the mental health impact of Hurricane Harvey
Hogg Foundation

December, 2017


Hogg Foundation Blog, December 6, 2017
The Hogg Foundation awarded grant funds to Bluebonnet Trails Community Services, Community Health Centers of South Central Texas, and Spindletop Center to support the mental health and well-being of people and communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
photo of flooded neighborhood
Hogg Foundation Blog, December 4, 2017
Shortages in available internship positions not only delay licensure, but ultimately impede the expansion of the behavioral health workforce. In an effort to narrow that gap, the Hogg Foundation facilitated the development of eight programs across the state, including one at the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department.
Travis County Psychology Internship Program logo
Hogg Foundation Blog, December 8, 2017
As the peak of the holiday season approaches, our time and energy reserves can often stretch thin. Here to discuss ways we can take care of ourselves—and each other—amidst the holiday frenzy is John King, a certified peer specialist and Beaumont-based Wellness Recovery Action Plan™ facilitator.
photo of a woman and her dog enjoying the ocean view
KXAN, December 7, 2017
While a 2008 federal law was established to ensure health insurance issuers provide equal coverage of mental health or substance use disorder treatment as they would for physical care, a new report shows patients are still facing challenges in accessing services.
Associated Press, December 7, 2017
A public hospital in Dallas will pay $695,000 to the family of a psychiatric patient who died in 2011 after mental health aides wrestled him to the floor in what regulators later called an illegal and dangerous maneuver.
WUSF, December 7, 2017
Military discharges are a reward system. Serving without bad behavior or crime earns service members support from the VA. But if they cause trouble, they're mostly on their own.
The Daily Dot, December 7, 2017
In the spaces of the platform where people have built support systems with others in the disability community, or with people who also have anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide, the thought of having Facebook comb through posts and flag them is daunting.
The Daily Texan, December 7, 2017
The University of Texas at Austin Libraries is helping out in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico by using the power of crowdsourcing to update online maps. Open-source, or free and collaborative, maps are an increasingly valuable tool for humanitarian efforts in disadvantaged regions hit by a natural disaster, where privately-owned maps, like Google Maps, are infrequently updated.
Texas Observer, December 4, 2017
The repeat, extreme flooding in Richmond raises questions about how we collectively share risk—from buyouts to flood insurance to recovery costs—but at its most basic level, it’s about people facing an impossible calculus.
The Daily Texan, December 4, 2017
With students pushing to finish out the semester, the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) at The University of Texas at Austin is seeing an increase in appointments to help students through this stressful time, said Katy Redd, CMHC associate director for prevention and outreach.
ThinkProgress, December 7, 2017
Seventeen Texas health centers—half of which serve Harvey-affected residents—will immediately be impacted if Congress does not renew funding by December 31, said Jose Camacho, the executive director of the Texas Association of Community Health Centers.
Patient EngagementHIT, December 6, 2017
The bill, introduced to the Senate on December 4, seeks to streamline community care and Veterans Administration (VA) services. Per a legislative summary published by Senator Moran’s office, the bill will create a community care program, a strategy to improve integrated care at VA, and patient access and quality standards.
Kaiser Health News, November 30, 2017
It’s been nearly a decade since Congress passed the mental health parity act, with its promise to make mental health and substance abuse treatment just as easy to get as care for any other condition. Yet today, in the midst of the opioid epidemic and a spike in the rate of suicide, patients still struggle to access treatment.
The Guardian, December 8, 2017
I have learned that, for me, recovery is hard, long-term work. It’s also massively empowering. I started writing, had counselling and connected with care-experienced people through the charity Who Cares? Scotland.
The New York Times, December 7, 2017
As Ms. Litoff thought about her ability to keep emotional distance in her work, it occurred to her that perhaps by making a film about her sister’s life and her possessions that were packed in a storage space, she could sort through all of it.
HuffPost, December 7, 2017
Patients and their family members often ask me, what can be done to advance research that produces new treatments? Here are three ways we all can start, today.
The Conversation, December 7, 2017
Men who are diagnosed with a mental health condition can expect to live 10.2 years less than those who aren’t, according to new research, published this week in The Lancet Psychiatry. The life expectancy gap for women with mental illness is 7.3 years earlier than those without.
Yale News, December 4, 2017
Veterans who receive legal help with housing, benefits and consumer or personal matters have increased income, fewer problems finding housing, and even experience some mental health benefits, says a new study led by researchers from Yale and the Veterans Affairs New England Mental Illness, Research, Education, and Clinical Center.
Austin Area African American Behavioral Health Network (4ABHN) 
Event Date: December 14, 2017 
Learn about and support mental health and recovery for African Americans at this casual info swap. Open to behavioral health providers and consumers. Please RSVP. 4ABHN meets regularly to share resources and hear presentations by mental health consumers, family members and professionals interested in mental wellness in the African American community.
SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions
Innovation Communities are expert facilitated groups of up to 15 organizations who come together to focus on an area of behavioral and primary healthcare integration innovation. Organizations learn from experts and each other during an intensive four-month period


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